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master[ADD] widget background gradientPatrick Sturm7 years
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2011-05-10[ADD] widget background gradientHEADmasterPatrick Sturm6-1/+17
2011-05-10[CHG] city, country and state will be capitalized now when location is create...Patrick Sturm2-6/+17
2011-05-10[CHG] widget background added, maybe a bit ugly atm, just POCPatrick Sturm2-7/+5
2011-05-10[CHG] widget dimensions changedPatrick Sturm4-21/+21
2011-05-10[ADD] new equals method for locationPatrick Sturm2-14/+49
2011-05-10[CHG] removed unused receiverPatrick Sturm1-2/+0
2011-05-09[FIX] allow multiple widgets, which use the same update threadPatrick Sturm9-59/+107
2011-05-09[FIX] SAXException and IOException while fetching feed will not cause the loc...Patrick Sturm2-10/+42
2011-04-20[CHG] strange commit ... playing around a bit ... not usablePatrick Sturm4-24/+48
2011-04-17[CHG] removed unused code (which we are not going to use any more)Patrick Sturm2-46/+0